Bathtubs’ hell

Batrhtubs' Hell

[ Proposal submitted to the 15th International Garden Festival | Redford Gardens – Jardins de Métis | Quebec-Canada ] [+]


Good bathtubs go to heaven … while bad ones go to the countryside

In many parts of the world bathtubs are appreciated as a recyclable object, they are not a waste. We think that a bathtub in the countryside can be more than a ready-made (objet trouvé), at least for an urban viewer or a garden festival visitor. The decontextualisation of these found objects infuses them with a new meaning, engendered through an association of ideas in which the spectator is encouraged to take part. But what is more, these objects emphasize the processes that occur around them: the plant dynamics-seasonality, the decomposition of organic matter…; so the objects are important but not more than the site is.

According to this, we choose a partially forested plot. In this place, it will be easier for a human to perceive the aforementioned processes. This point is important for us, as we conceive landscape as a combination of process rather than as a static scene. We will set the objects under the treetops, some will be plugged, others totally empty or planted with the existing species in the plot (gathered seeds, shrubs and seedlings).

Installation plan