Catalogue of sustainable urban solutions – GUD [Green Urban Design] – LUGO | LIFE Lugo+Biodinamico Project | Concello de Lugo | Participation of GCMP in the team led by Jesús Martínez Espiñeira |

We present a catalogue of 51 sustainable urban design solutions to face the scenario of climate change and its consequences for urban areas. This project aims to develop a planning strategy with a practical approach, so it focuses on actions that enable the measurement of its effects through indicators. It provides a broad panorama of urban intervention measures to be applied in the Climate Adaptation Strategy in intermediate scale residential areas.

The solutions can be selected in several ways. They are classified by thematic areas. For each area a set of solutions, actions or strategies were selected. However, it also allows access to a flexible combination of different solutions to offer integrated interventions. For that purpose, there is a filter of solutions by scale of intervention, topics and issues to be tackled.

This useful document has become a ‘toolbox’ that we use recurrently in our work. (+)